Insurance Premium Finance

Insurance Premium Finance

Insurance is a necessity, but it does not have to tie down your finances. Insurance Premium Finance (IPF) is a convenient way for you to spread your insurance premium for a period of time and have yourself, family or property insured.

Under IPF, Taslimu pays the entire insurance premium to the insurance company on your behalf, an affordable repayment plan is then can spread up to a maximum of 7 months. For instance, say your motor insurance premium is Kshs. 50,000/-. Taslimu will pay the premium of Kshs. 50,000/- to the insurance underwriter; immediately activating your cover. You, on the other hand, will only pay Taslimu Kshs. 11,000/- as the initial payment and a monthly repayment of Kshs. 6,914* over a period of 7 months.

Step 1
Request for an insurance quote from Taslimu Insurance Agency at
Step 2
Fill the IPF application form provided by Taslimu. You can print, sign and scan to our email: To request the IPF form please contact us
Step 3
If application is approved, submit 1 current cheque (20% of the insurance amount and processing fee), to be banked immediately, and 7 post-dated cheques; or alternatively, set-up direct debit instructions.
Step 4
As soon as we get confirmation the 1st cheque has gone through, the insurance underwriter will be advised to process your insurance policy. Typically, this should take less than 24 hours.

Pay Insurance Premiums At Your Convenience With Up To 7 Monthly Installments Pay Insurance Premiums At Your Convenience With Up To 7 Monthly Installments

Please note, the 1st cheque should include the applicable processing fee as indicated in the product tariff

Documents Required

Copy of ID/ Passport (of the Director)

Copy of PIN Certificate

Copy of certificate of incorporation for companies

Filled application form

Take insurance from Taslimu Insurance Agency

Filled form for the Underwriting Company (Insurance)

Provide post-dated cheques (the first one should be current and include applicable processing fee)

Simple Interest Calculator

Monthly Payment
Total Interest
Total Amount

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