Stock Finance

Stock Finance

This financial product has been tailored to assist traders to purchase stock when low on cash or when they anticipate high demand of the product. This financial solution is offered in the form of a credit line limit. A credit line limit is the maximum loan amount a trader can access to finance the purchase of stock; it is computed from the trader’s average monthly sales turnover over a certain period.
Due to the nature of this facility, the repayment of loan is derived from sales. Therefore, we expect the facility to be repaid on a daily basis over a period of 30 days. Upon full repayment, the trader can draw down again on the credit line to purchase more stock. The cycle repeats.

Step 1
Make an application by filling out the Business Loan Form. Contact us
Step 2
You will be assigned a Business Relationship Officer (BRO), who will get in touch with you regarding additional documentation required to assess your credit application. Documents required are indicated below.
Step 3
If your application is successful, your BRO will notify you, and avail the letter of offer and other documents for your execution.
Step 4
Upon execution of the requisite documents, you will receive funding within 24 hours.

Pay Insurance Premiums At Your Convenience With Up To 7 Monthly Installments Pay Insurance Premiums At Your Convenience With Up To 7 Monthly Installments

Documents Required

Filled application form

Copy of ID/Passport (Business owner)

Copy of PIN certificate

Copy of business permit

Financial records (minimum 6 months M-Pesa/Bank)

Simple Interest Calculator

Monthly Payment
Total Interest
Total Amount

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