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Our business favourably impacts over 1,000 lives

Taslimu Capital Limited was incorporated in August 2016 in the Republic of Kenya as a ‘credit-only financial institution’ to provide financial services to both Retail and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Cognizant of the fact that most SMEs do not have adequate security, which, in most cases, has hindered their access to financing, Taslimu developed structured financial solutions that were modelled around the Enterprise’s cash flows and thus bridged the financing gap.

In our endeavor to continue empowering small businesses, we created a financial technology platform, ‘Taslimu Traders Operating System’, that assists traders to manage and track their business operations in real-time. The system provides the business owner with invaluable insights on their business, which hitherto was lacking.

At the core of our values, is a commitment to support small businesses - with ethical lending standards - that ensures consistent and sustained growth to all businesses that choose Taslimu Capital as their preferred financial partner.

Taslimu Capital is led by a team of professionals with a wealth of experience in both local and regional markets. We believe in continuous value addition, and for this reason, we increased our product offering to include not just financing, but also a technology platform that provides value to our clients.

What Can You Expect From Taslimu

We constantly review our products and test them for market relevance. We anticipate our clients’ ever-changing needs and tailor make products that fit best. Most importantly, whether a client’s application has been successful or not, we give feedback.
Taslimu is managed by a team of professionals bound by a common ethical standard; integrity. We are consistent with what we say and deliver. We are driven by the desire to increase value for our clients and our stakeholders without compromising on our professional ethics or values that bind us.
We are aware your time is valuable. Our processes are reviewed often to ensure you get quality service in a reliable and timely manner. We encourage our clients to give us feedback should our services fall below their expectations.

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