Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting allows you access to instant cash tied up in unpaid invoices and enables your business operations to continue as usual. This facility provides your business the convenience to take up additional assignments/projects without having to wait for your invoices to be paid. You can access up to 80% of the invoice amount immediately as you follow up on payment of the invoice.

Invoice discounting is more flexible than the typical business loan and less strenuous to the business. Funds can be accessed within 24 hours after presentation of a certified invoice to Taslimu.

Step 1
Make an application by filling out the Business Loan Form. Contact us
Step 2
You will be assigned a Business Relationship Officer (BRO), who will get in touch with you regarding additional documentation required to assess your credit application. Documents required are indicated below.
Step 3
If your application is successful, your BRO will notify you, and avail the letter of offer and other documents for your execution.
Step 4
Upon execution of the requisite documents, you will receive funding within 24 hours.

Pay Insurance Premiums At Your Convenience With Up To 7 Monthly Installments Pay Insurance Premiums At Your Convenience With Up To 7 Monthly Installments

Documents Required

Copy of ID/ Passport (of the Directors)

Copy of PIN Certificate

Filled application form

Certified invoice

Certified LPO

Copy of certificate of incorporation


Simple Interest Calculator

Monthly Payment
Total Interest
Total Amount

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